Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apple Pie, Apple Crisp . . . Mmmm


We spent most of last Saturday making and freezing apple pie filling. The house has smelled cinammon-y for days! (My favorite fall scent.)




And after putting up all that pie filling, we finished our day with an apple crisp, because really- what's a little more peeling and slicing when you have all that yumminess to eat as a reward?


Monday, October 26, 2009


Weekend = cooking, reading and sewing.

We spent our weekend with apples. Lots and LOTS of apples. I made and froze several jars of apple pie filling and applesauce, and I made two apple crisps over the weekend. We had apple pancakes Sunday morning for breakfast, and I still have apples left. They are wonderful crisp Fuji apples that we picked at a farm north of us. The boys had a wonderful time picking them, but I don't know how we'll ever eat them all. I've spent two days coring, slicing, peeling and cooking and there are STILL more apples!

I suppose I'll be making more applesauce tomorrow. And apple crisp for breakfast.

I updated my reading page. I've plowed straight through all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books this month, save The First Four Years. I find that I don't ever want to stop reading them and I've been disappointed at hitting the end of each book and having to wait to get to the library for the next one. I started Jennifer Weiner's Best Friends Forever 2 nights ago and I'm about half way through. It's fine so far, but not as good as I'd hoped it would be. Next in the reading queue is the next Jacqueline Carey book and the last Laura Ingalls Wilder book as soon as it comes in at the library. I'm out of ideas for where to go next.

And the last weekending thing- I did sew. A lot. The boys are now each 3 pairs of pajama pants richer, and I have a new skirt. Or I will when I finish gathering the blasted ruffle and sew it on. For now though, we'll pretend that it's NOT annoying to gather without a ruffling foot (can't find it ANYWHERE!) or else this post will quickly turn into 18 million paragraphs about how much I loathe gathering by hand. I should have started with sewing the slips I cut last week, but I'm feeling really nervous about working with slippery material and I thought the skirt would be soooo easy . . .

But again. Not talking about the stupid ruffles.

Oh, oh, and! I pulled out My christmas fabrics I bought way back in the spring and I'm going to get started on Christmas stuff this week. I have a few small gaps in my teaching schedule this week so I'm going to try to sneak in a bit of Christmas sewing. I really want to get all my Christmas sewing done before Thanksgiving this year.

Stop laughing! If I aim for it all to be done by then I might actually be done on time. :)
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