Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Peach Canning

In past years I've sort of just dabbled in canning and got a little more serious last year. But the truth at that time was that my kitchen was tiny with very little room to work or to store more than a month or so worth of food at any given time. I canned only small quantities a handful of times through the summer.

We canned a LOT of peaches this year.

First of all, our new kitchen has far more room, making working through a bigger process like canning a much easier venture.

And second? I had a lot of help this time and the process always goes faster when you have great conversation to help pass the time.

We canned about 65 pounds of peaches as peach slices in light syrup, peach sauce, peach jam and peach butter and then split the jars between the 4 of us according to how many pounds each person contributed.
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