Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Knitting is Dangerous

... or so my husband says. Since the incident he has made every effort to convince me to give it up.

So I was carrying things upstairs a few days ago- just a random assortment of end of the day stuff- a book, a few little green army men, a shirt, my knitting... and I tripped on the stairs.

I just happened to be using metal needles in my knitting (which I rarely use these days!) and my thigh now has a lovely hole the size of a US 5 needle 2 inches deep.

I could share a really gross photo, but I'll forgo that and just wish you all a blessed Christmas week. I had fully intended to share a few more snapshots from our Advent waiting and Christmas preparation, but I've mostly been hanging out on the couch with my leg elevated, knitting and reading with my boys, the camera put aside. We had a lovely weekend with one side of the family and this week is quiet as well as we await Christ's birth.

Praise God for:

:: The preparation I did earlier in the month. Even though not all my plans will happen I don't feel like we're missing anything.

:: That all the Christmas gifts are taken care of! Everything has been ordered and received and knitted or sewn. I was done early for the first year ever and thank goodness for that small fact!

:: That my husband was home when the needle incident happened and he kept our boys from seeing what happened, especially Ezra who is so very sensitive about injuries.

:: That I do not have to work for the next two weeks- no climbing up and down stairs to the studio while my leg heals!

:: Tetanus shots.

:: My two sweet boys who took Daddy's words to "take care of your mama" very seriously when he left for work this morning.

I'll be back soon to share our Christmas with you, and maybe sooner pending the doctor's decision tomorrow.
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