Monday, September 17, 2012

Learning All the Time

After getting a bit of a head start on our school year by starting during the hot days of July we've been able to take some time off from the more structured bits of learning. While I think we all enjoy the routine of our typical school mornings (or else we wouldn't school this way!) it is nice to have the option to call a week "off" and pursue life and projects around us.

In the last week we: 
Had three soccer practices
Had two soccer games
Took a trip to the ballpark for September baseball
Spent an afternoon at the local art museum to learn about portraits, self-portraits, still life, and landscapes
Made a math facts lapbook (Well, Ender did. I mostly just printed it out for him and offered advice when asked.)
Picked hundreds of pears (to can later in the week)
Went rollerskating
Watched Daddy complete his first 10K

And I started back to work last week, hence the "off" week. 

Today we are continuing our spontaneous learning by:

Making bookmarks (now that we have TWO little readers, we needed several more!)
Reading together- this is one part of our "regular" school day that isn't often skipped, even on our "off" days.
Quizzing math facts with the aid of that new lapbook
Prepping for some family art time this evening when I'm finished teaching in the studio.

Watching this video:


Loving this Monday morning!
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