Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

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Ezra is collapsing into bed these days. He wakes up bubbling over with energy, talking a mile a minute and ready to go, plays hard all day and drops into bed the second the clock ticks to 8 o'clock.

It's beautiful.



After reading SouleMama's post about Elizabeth Zimmerman knitting this year I ran into a blog documenting a year of Zimmerman knitting. I'm not quite brave enough for a few of the projects, but I've read two of her books and I think I'm ready to take that next step forward into a few of her projects. I'm adding that to the goal list- knit a few Elizabeth Zimmerman designs this year.



I finished Superman's Jayne hat Wednesday. It was a *really* fast knit. I cast on that morning and finished the ribbing for the band in the spare minutes between students through the day, then knit for a few hours Wednesday night while we caught up on Chuck and 24 episodes.

I cast on for the large, which was fine, but I had to lengthen it quite a bit. Superman either has a weirdly shaped head, or the pattern isn't quite sized correctly.  I'd show pictures today but Superman wore it to work yesterday and again today- I'll grab some pics when he's home on Sunday.

The only bad thing about it is that the first rounds are practically neon orange. It's like knitting cheetos.



Ender and I had a conversation recently about large number words (million, billion and trillion) and ever since he tells us at bedtime "I love you a million, billion, trillion, gazillion, kajillion, fillion!" He doesn't really understand why the last one is so funny to us, but he plays along well. (The Jayne hat and the Fillion comment are sooo connected. Bonus points for you if you can tell me in comments why!)



When Superman got home from class last night he walked in on me watching 30 Rock surrounded by yarn- probably 15 skeins.

He was NOT surprised.

Should I be worried?

(And seriously- why have I not watched 30 Rock until now? Thank goodness  for Netflix instant play.)



I've been looking at seeds for this year's garden. I learned a lot last year and I think I have a much better idea of what we can successfully grow. Ender has dog-eared almost every page of one of the catalogues. He's convinced we can grow EVERYTHING in our little container garden.

Unfortunately someone has to help him narrow down his desires and that someone is me.



I finished reading The Lightning Thief last night. Superman actually read it on our trip in early December and told me I would enjoy it. The first few chapters were really rough writing wise, but the story was interesting and the writing did improve through the book. Supposedly the second book is much better writing-wise, so I'll probably read that one too after Superman is done with it.


Keeping Busy

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quiet Continued

Yesterday was a little strange.


My boys waved me off every time I asked what they were doing, if they needed any help, or wanted anything for a snack.


This strange behavior started right after breakfast and went straight through until lunch when I finally had to insist they take a break for food.


What was so important? What took the complete energy and attention of a 2- and 4-year-old?



Making cozy little beds on the floor to read together, play with cars and be generally silly with one another.


I ate breakfast without getting up once to refill cups, drank hot chocolate through the morning without being begged for a sip, did laundry without little hands digging through the fresh towels, vacuumed and even sat for awhile to knit.



I didn't realize how much I love the interruptions- a boy asking to fold his own way, another promising that he only needs one more waffle to be really truly full. Ezra climbs into my lap multiple times a day for a cuddle and a tight squeeze around my neck, but not today. He was with his brother- his buddy.


I needed that little hint of a break today. I needed to continue the quiet that started over the weekend and the boys gave me that in this sweet surprise. But I will be glad when they ask me for help later today, climb into my lap with a kiss at the weirdest moments, and insist to do it "my way".


Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Knit

 I spent the weekend being quiet. 


Well, as quiet as it can be when two little boys are around.


We stayed home except for church Sunday morning, both boys played hard in the mornings and slept away the afternoons- NOT a common happening around here! I didn't work during this unscheduled free time- I pretended there was no stress and I knit.


I knit throughout the weekend; lots of stitches, lots of calm, lots of love.


Some inspiration from the weekend:


:: Sarah put together a list about short-circuiting the February blues that afflict so many homeschoolers. One of my posts is on the list! For more inspiration, have a look at Sarah's post. There is some really great stuff there.


:: I finished the Dr. Horrible Wristers (except for buttons!) and started the Stella Pixie hat (pdf file) Saturday night during a movie with Superman. I've been pleasantly surprised with how fast it is knitting up, especially with fingering weight yarn on size 3s. The hat is meant for my soon-to-arrive nephew. His due date is a scant 10 days off, though my sister says he's showing NO signs of being ready to come.


:: I read a great post at The Artful Parent about a new-to-us author named Carole Lexa Schaefer. The artwork is very different from other picture books and when I showed Ender the posted picture he immediately asked if we could "try them from the library". They're on order!


Now on to the week. If you need me I'll most likely be knitting.

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