Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bare Walls

This weekend I go hunting fabrics for the newly painted living room. I'm hoping to make our curtains and pillows before summer really gets here, but I'm also in search of a clock, and general decoration inspiration for this room.

I have ideas of what I'm going for- definitely something to break up the blue-grey, whites, springy greens or light blues, pale yellows...

Something big over the sewing desk (and maybe an inspiration board for me?)
**This photo is the best representation of the color**

Something hung to make the dining area feel a little more separate in our little space...

A collection? Fabric? A piece of art (perhaps childmade?)

And I think I've decided that this little wall will be our family photo wall,
which is why there are 10 framed photos sitting there in stacks.

All that is needed is a bit of time spent arranging and thinking before we hang them...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yarn Love & Spinning Too!

The yarn fairy appeared yesterday with a box from knitpicks.  

I've never ordered there before, but I've had a cart open with different selections for awhile now with the intention to try out a few different things. The yarn fairy (aka that husband of mine) noticed and was nice enough to go ahead and order it as a bit of post-recital celebration.

The variety of solids above is all fingering weight, and mostly palette yarn, with the exception of the light blue Stroll sock yarn.

A little bit of laceweight, perhaps for Omelet...

And the scariest/most exciting bit, is a little bit of roving and a drop spindle! I'm excited to try something new this summer. Since I work about half of my usual schedule over the sumer I spend those months immersed in one hobby or another. This year will be spinning, hopefully including a class or two at a local store.

I'm hunting down spinning tutorials and information if you have any. I have the book  Respect the Spindle and also located Abby Franquemont's videos on Youtube, but I'd love more advice!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Almost Four

Oh, Ezra you crack us up.

You have the best smiles.

We call you Little Andy because you *are* Andy from Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear and Woody are your best pals and you carry them everywhere you go.

We rotate between your three Toy Story shirts as much as is reasonable.

And the "duck lips" that you used to make when you were sad and now you make them when you're being silly...

You have to make things every day, and sometimes you head straight to the art table the second your feet hit the floor in the morning and I come in to find you in the midst of a new creation.

Will you really be four this summer? Weren't you my little two-year-old just yesterday and my baby the day before? You snuggle up with me and pretend to be a baby for a few minutes before you are off again, becoming best pals with your big brother and saving the day superhero style.

And the newest thing is to want to be outside every second, no shoes, just out the door the moment we are awake. I have to hold you back first thing- we can't leave without your brother!- but you always sigh and say, "Okay. Right after breakfast," and then grin at me with your silly smile and snuggle into me again.
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