Friday, March 29, 2013

This Week

Posting quickly as today is Good Friday and we will be occupied through the weekend. Everyone is better except for me at this point. I was hoping to be mostly back to normal by today, but now I'm hoping for Easter. Life just doesn't run very well when the Mama is sick. It has been a lesson in the family pulling together for everything to be ready for this weekend, and I can gladly say it has come together, even if the food may end up a little less homemade than I'd like.

On the Needles...

Just the little February Baby Sweater I'm working on for a soon-expected niece. With being sick this week there hasn't been much progress, but I'm ready to start the sleeves as soon as I can stay awake in the evenings after the kids are in bed.

I read...

I read Hatchet early in the week and I'm reading Julie of the Wolves at the moment. I'm having a hard time understanding why Julie of the Wolves is classified as a juvenile novel instead of a YA novel considering some of the elements involved.

Learning all the time…

Just the basics this week, I'm afraid. I just couldn't manage more, but didn't want to lose a full week of school.

In the Kitchen...

Chicken noodle soup, anyone? That has been the mainstay of the week. I made a gigantic batch last time I made it and froze a ton- it was wonderful to be able to pull it from the freezer this week.


I'm so excited about Sally Melville's new book! I'm waiting for it to show up in my mailbox- hopefully Monday!

I'm also collecting technique tutorials on my Knitting/Spinning Pinterest page. Do you have any tutorials you have found invaluable?

Watching (Spoiler Free, of course...)

I've been vaguely aware of basketball games being watched in our house, but mostly I've been sleeping. I did manage a Doctor Who episode the other night.


We are still waiting for snow to melt. We are getting some more normal temperatures for this time of year the last few days, but we're supposed to drop back to around freezing again on Monday. All the plants around here are really confused.

I didn't get to...

So many things, but it will all have to wait for days where I am closer to fully functional.

This weekend...

It is Easter weekend, and Ellie's first Easter, so we are quite full. I am truly hopeful to be mostly better by Sunday.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yarn Along

{Yarning Along with Ginny, sharing a read and a current knit. Would you join us?}

After illness trickled back into our house early last week and took a swing at me this time, knitting went to the backburner. I think I got a few rows of the lace work in on the February Baby Sweater I'm knitting for a baby shower, but mostly I went to bed early. Actually, I'm still going to bed early-ish in an attempt to recover more fully. That unfortunately also means very little reading. I'm pretty sure I read about 2 pages of Julie of the Wolves in the whole week combined.

When I picked it up again, I got down to the bottom garter edge only to find I had to break into the second skein about 2 rows before the bind off. Disappointing. Or maybe that's just me and the tiny bit of OCD that most everyone has about something. I would have loved the neatness of binding off that edge with the first skein and then joining  the second skein at one of the arms, where I would have had to join anyway.

If I have enough yarn leftover from this project I'm hoping to do a little matching hat. I really love knitting for littles, especially the newborn variety.

What are you knitting this week?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bounce Back

Did you hear that loud noise on Saturday afternoon? That was the sound of our entire city screaming NOOOOOO! as it started to snow.


In March.

It's not that it never snows here in March. It does on occasion. But if it does it's a whispy nothing of a puff of snowflakes that don't stick, not another EIGHT INCHES. We had 2 feet of snow punch us in the gut in late February and now another 8 inches of heavy wet snow sits on top of "wintry mix" sleet.

When they announced the possibility of this storm earlier in the week, I started making plans for the time we'd gain with us being stuck in the house for the weekend instead of heading off to soccer games and the like (yes, soccer started last weekend. They've only been able to have 3 practices out of the 10 scheduled, and one rather chilly 8 a.m. game so far. Everything else has been cancelled because of snow or freezing temperatures.)

But no, we're all sick again. Brian and Ellie hit worst, then me tagging behind. Fortunately the boys recovered quickly and have been playing way more Xbox than we typically allow while the baby and I try to get ourselves back to healthy also. Brian still had to work over the weekend- fortunately they allowed him to come home mid-shift Saturday night before the weather got crazy bad. He has been able to work from home the last few nights since he is sick, which has been a blessing for him.

So I haven't worked yet this week (maybe tomorrow?) and the last few days have been an unexpected holiday from schooling for the boys. Today I'm hoping we all just continue to heal and recover so that maybe tomorrow there will be a little bounce back.
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