Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Redux

Wow- where did August go?

I always seem to forget that even though it is my month off from the studio that it is our busiest month- a month full of school and vacation and camp, swimming, big projects, and lots of appointments. It is full, but so wonderfully so!

And now we're settling in for our regular schedule. I'll be back to teaching a full schedule this week and while school has been going since July for us with time off here and there, we will settle into our real schooling schedule beginning Tuesday.

This month has also taken some adjustment. We just learned that Ezra has asthma and we're adjusting to that and still figuring out meds for him. He does such a great job dealing with his health issues and it certainly helps that he loves our doctor.

Ellie is 4 months old now and rolling and cooing and already pushing up so high on her hands. It's amazing to me how quickly babies catch on to new skills. She smiles so much and is starting to really play and interact... oh how quickly this time goes!

What are you up to now that the school year is back in swing?

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