Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh, Hi!

Oh, HI!!!
I'm just taking a little ride in the stroller.
Is that your camera?

Can it be mine?
Oh... not mine.
Just kidding.

I'll just look extra cute so you forget about that whole "tried to steal your camera" thing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012



{The last little bits of summer before autumn really kicks off}

We're out in the warm-ish weather while it is still with us as much as possible.
Soccer practices and games for two separate teams continues to eat up our week.
(But not for much longer!)
Thank goodness for the crazy thunderstorms that canceled everything we had going on last Saturday.
I've never been so glad to have a day shut up in the house with little to do but knit and play legos and coo with the baby.
And she's not so much of a baby any more- we're definitely into "on the move". She's figured out that she can roll consecutively to get places, and she's already up on her knees "revving" up.

I thought I'd have another month or two at least based on what the boys did, but it looks like she'll crawl any day now.

So we're baby proofing a bit.
Mostly making sure that legos stay always always ALWAYS in the boys' room so that she won't get her hands on those tiny little bits.

Ender turned seven.
NO idea how that happened.

Suddenly I'm being asked if he can stay up just 15 more minutes because 15 more minutes might get him to the end of the chapter he's on.

Suddenly he's making up jokes that actually have a punchline.

He asked when he'll get glasses- we've warned him it's inevitable with the extremely poor vision going down both sides of the family- but it's not because he wants to fit in with all the aunts and uncles or even me or Brian... it's because Harry Potter has glasses.

And Ezra? My sweet Ezra is happily hanging out with everyone.

{Ender has been taking so many pictures lately... and Ellie *always* looks like this in his photos!}

He tried soccer this fall, he officially started Kindergarten, and he is *loving* co-op. I wasn't sure about that last one since he has always been the one to hang back with me at bigger gatherings, but the last few months have really seen him grow in a lovely way. He's excited to be out now, but also likes to tuck in at home, and he's the first to jump up and help whenever he's needed.

He *loves* Ellie and still wants to go in to wake her every morning. He finds such joy in finding ways to make her laugh and he is so gentle with her.

*   *   *

I am still getting back to normal myself, but the last month has been so much better thanks to finally finding some creative time again. I'm finally getting my energy back, and I think we have a good system in place now for this stage of life.

While I'm a big fan of summer, I'm so looking forward to the next months where we are home and quiet and maybe a little cold- but all the better to snuggle up in warm blankets in front of the fire with some hot chocolate. Right?
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