Monday, April 22, 2013

Starting Our Garden Journals

This past weekend there was actual spring-like weather going on and we were able to get outside to check out the yard situation in depth. We planned the location for garden space, bought a few flower bulbs for one of the beds, and Ender started on a great plan for what needs pulled out. A few things were dead from the previous owners so that is first on the list to take care of in the next week or so as we prepare beds.

{Ezra's entry}

{Ender's entry}

One of the things I really want to be sure to do this first season with the new garden is to keep a journal of our work in the yard. I'm keeping the primary garden journal myself, which will be more list making and written journal entries than drawings. The boys are keeping smaller versions of my journal. Ezra's notebook will probably just be nature related drawings, but Ender is working to keep an accurate record of our time spent outside similar to my journal. We talked this weekend about making a point of noting the date and the weather, being sure to record what part of the garden we work in that day and what was done. He's still deciding how he'd like to organize his journal, but for now he's making a page each time we work outside.

We handed Ellie a pencil about a month ago and now she wants to draw all the time. In fact, she will most definitely squawk at you if she sees you with a pen or pencil and will not let it go until she has her own pencil. I read the book Young at Art when Ezra was a bitty baby and put a pencil in his hand right around a year old as well- that book has dramatically shaped the way art happens around here.

My garden journal is a bit less impressive- it consists so far of a list of items to plant, and a sketch of the layout. I'm excited to bring our plans into reality over the coming weeks.
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