Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Like a Real Sweater

It's always a wonderful feeling when the item you're knitting starts to actually look like the item you're knitting. I'm almost done working the first sleeve of Braid Hills and it feels real- it's NOT just a blob of knitting in my lap with all these weird bits tied off on spare yarn to hold for later. It feels like a sweater and it's coming to look like one too. I was able to try it on last night to check sleeve length, and I'm so very happy with it at this moment. We'll see how it feels once I get to work on the second sleeve in the next day or two.

At the moment I'm working the cable chart on the sleeves and finding the cables much easier now that I'm working in the round and always on the right side as I knit. Far better than working the chart back and forth! A few more rows on the chart then off to the cuff and second sleeve.

I've been reading a lot of bits of things this week. I'm taking another read through Dragonfly in Amber and listening to Life of Pi on audiobook. I'm trying to keep moving through The Time in Between by Maria Duenas, but it still has not really grabbed me 38 pages in. I'll give it until 50 pages I think, but we'll see how it goes.
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