Thursday, March 1, 2012


We're here.

The important things are unboxed, like the kitchen and the bathrooms. Our next priority was getting the studio set up since I had to go directly into teaching Monday morning. We were able to work on the school area a bit on Saturday night, but not well enough to start back to school on Monday. Maybe by tomorrow there will be a little bit of math or that sort of thing going on around here. Or maybe we'll just wait until Monday...

It's a bit of a crazy week this week in the studio as our recital is just a few days off, but next week starts the slower schedule that we all need for a few weeks before baby shows up.

We're spending every evening trying to get one more box put away, or figuring out how we will best use a particular space. Brian has been a champion un-boxer (surely they give out medals for that sort of thing!) while I've been a champion at, well... sitting on the couch and telling him where things go. Taking it easy as per my doctor, but still trying to get the house into liveable shape.

I haven't been knitting much these last two weeks, but I've been thinking a lot about it and missing it dearly. I have two skeins I need to wind- one for the next baby project and the other for the next pair of socks- the February sweater I started about two weeks ago for the baby is on hold until I can get my hands on another skein of Vintage. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought I could size the pattern up and STILL get it all done in one skein. I'll call pregnancy brain on that one.

I promise some pictures just as soon as I locate my camera.
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