Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cake Day

Ezra's celebration is on a weekend, but the real birthday came during the week.

But what's a birthday (or any day ending in "day") without cake?

We made Cake in a Jar right after breakfast,
giving it plenty of time to cool for a lovely post-dinner desert.

Add a little ice cream and sprinkles
(or whipped cream, icing, fruit, jam... whatever you'd like)
and it's your own personal jar of YUM.

At least that's what the new FOUR-year-old calls it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yarn Along

I *heart* vacation knitting time.

I took the Textured Tunic sweater intending it to be the main project for the trip. Maybe I'm funny like that but I always have to have a backup project on a trip. It makes me sweat just thinking about wanting to knit and having time to knit but having nothing to knit for some crazy reason.

I knit in the car on the way down and got through almost all of the stockinette on the body before the split for the front and back just in the car. Everything was humming along, traffic was cooperating, the boys were happily occupying themselves in the backseat, I was at a really great part in my book- and I found myself thinking that I would certainly make it through the body and at least get started on a sleeve on this trip. And then I let myself remember that the boys would surely get up to go fishing without me once or twice and that would give me three or so hours to just sit on the porch of the cabin and knit... perhaps even on a second sleeve...

I think I would have made it too, but I ran out of yarn.


{This is where I remind you of the importance of the back-up project, people. Let me be your lesson!}

I bought plenty of yarn, folks, just didn't pack more than the skein I was knitting off of, because I always have to forget something crucial on every trip. The bright side is that it was only forgotten yarn this time and not forgotten toothpaste or toilet paper.

So the Omelet Shawl received a promotion from back-up plan to priority one. It is now mostly through chart D and after that I have only one {very large} chart E and the bind off to go.

In our stack of reads this week is part of our first block for science this year. I had planned to start with animal study, but Ender has been asking so many questions about skeletons and muscles that we're starting with the human body instead. We would have gotten there later in the year anyway- why not go for it now?

We're starting where we always do by reading and talking and I'm sure a project or two will show up along the way. As we get into it and I see exactly where his interests lie I'm sure we'll turn to homeschoolshare for some printables and maybe a lapbook.

So I have to know... am I the only person to make sure I have a back up project on trips?

I will admit that I rarely get to that second project, but I was so grateful to have that shawl along this time!
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