Friday, March 9, 2012


What I love the most about this house is the light.

And the potential.

I've spent a little too much time envisioning the canning that will happen here in late summer and early autumn (and how much easier it will be now that I have more than two tiny squares of countertop!), the upcoming celebration for Baby Girl, the crafting parties sure to happen around the kitchen table, and stockings hung on the mantel in anticipation.

Slowly but surely it's coming together- we have two more rooms in need of just a little more unpacking/organizing (hopefully to be finished today), then only two more rooms to fully unpack. Brian is on a mission to finish by next weekend and he and the boys have been working like machines taking care of what I can't. I sort what needs to go where, make them a list and off they go, moving boxes and sorting onto shelves... *loving* this teamwork.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yarn Along

{Yarning Along with Ginny again this week}

I started this little February Sweater for Baby Girl right after Valentine's Day, sized it up a bit and got right to knitting... then realized as my yarn cake got smaller and smaller much faster than expected that I hadn't bought the second skein needed to accomodate the sizing up.

Chalking that up to pregnancy brain.

I finally got back to the LYS for a second skein and got back to work on it. Another 5ish inches in the lace pattern I think before the garter edging. This little cardi is my absolute favorite knit to gift little girls so I absolutely had to make one for Baby Girl. The lace is super easy to memorize, and now that I'm on my fourth knit through it I practically have the pattern memorized in entirety.

I also have to say that I may have developed a Berocco Vintage problem. I picked up this lovely purple last December and when I went in the other day to grab a second skein of the purple I walked out with four more skeins of Vintage worsted and one of Vintage DK. It's just so lovely to knit with! And it's all going toward baby things so that makes it acceptable, right?

As far as reading I'm mostly reading school-related books right now- reminding myself about the Kindergarten thing since Ezra will officially start school with us this year and making plans for second grade with Ender. I know it's early for most folks to be planning and buying for school, but I'm trying to get everything organized before baby gets here, starting with the lists for what we want to accomplish next year and from there deciding on curriculum. More on that soon, since I can't seem to stop chatting about our school plans while I'm in the midst of planning them.

Monday, March 5, 2012

In Need of Entertainment?


What do you do when you have two little boys that are

oh so tired

of helping their poor mother unpack box after box?

Put them to work with the swift and ball winder.


Suddenly work doesn't feel so much like work.

{Yarn is:}

Kollage sock-a-licious in Grape

Berroco Vintage in yellow for baby's Puerperium Cardigan.
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