Friday, February 10, 2012

Quiet Weekend

You know, I think we're going for some kind of record for doctor visits this week.

In the last 4 days we've been to our family doctor, to my OB, to the ER and to Labor and Delivery... everyone is fine now including Baby Girl (she's doing great!), but we're all taking it easy and trying to get some rest. It has been a LONG week. Ezra's goose egg is starting to go down (that would be the ER visit), and I'm starting to feel much better this morning.

Hoping for a quiet weekend... probably full of knitting and pinterest and movies and all the kinds of things I can do from the couch or the bed.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Knitting by Memory

In my imagination I'm the sort of knitter who keeps a beautifully arranged notebook that includes every knitting project, always listing the needle size, making detailed (never cryptic) notes about little changes I make along the way, always including a little yarn sample and NEVER losing the ball band with all its critical info...

The truth is, I often knit on the go. A row here and there, or while my son is reading out loud to me from one of his readers, a few rows while I'm waiting on a student who is running late- that sort of thing. I do get a few evenings a week to knit for more than a few minutes at a time.

I could take a little notepad with me or something, but I just don't. I could even take a few minutes to type in a note or two into ravelry on my phone, but I just don't. I remember well enough to pick up where I left off as long as I do it in the next few days, but the only things I regularly mark are anything with a chart.

A word of warning: knitting by memory is one of those inadvisable things.

Like swimming with sharks or something.

Remember when I left the almost-done sock at home over our trip? But I had the yarn for sock #2 along and my bag of DPNs, so I went ahead and started sock #2. Not a problem, right?

Except that I was knitting from memory and I *surely* remembered that I was knitting on size 1 DPNs and I remembered *precisely* where I had started in the color repeat.

Except that when I got home sock #1 looked terribly different than sock #2 and I realized that I had started at the wrong color repeat (which at worst makes the socks fraternal- and I can live with that) but most egregiously had knit sock #2 on size 1 DPNs while sock #1 was knit on size 0 DPNs. I thought at first that the difference in size was because one was knit on metal needles and the other on bamboo because SURELY I would never use the wrong needle size. Of course, I didn't realize this difference until I had finished sock #2 on the size 1's Wednesday night and picked up sock #1.

If there is such a thing as a happy turn of events in this cautionary tale, it's that the finished sock #2 fit better than the not quite finished sock #1, so I actually ripped out less by ripping out the original sock. That counts as a happy ending right?

After a weekend of catch-up knitting (around packing, Ender's basketball practice, a birthday party for my nephew, church and the never-ending laundry....) I'm happy to say that I'm blissfully knitting as if this is sock #2 and not sock #1 version 2.

A girl can pretend, right?

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