Thursday, May 16, 2013


The studio is almost closed up for the break between the spring and summer sessions- I can see the finish line, just a few hours from now! The last few weeks have been craziness getting the last classes finished up and out the door, not to mention all the end-of-year things going on with my own kids. In the past week we finished soccer season and co-op for the year, we tilled ground for a small starter garden, and have been pulling things out of beds that died in the drought last year.

Ezra graduated kindergarten with his co-op buddies and as each Kindergartener crossed the stage the co-op director read off a few answers each child had given for a set of questions they had asked. Ezra gave me a glowing recommendation as the person he most admires. In his words- "because she bought me a toy yesterday." Ahhh... motherhood.

The next step forward is to get the house in shape so that we can maybe run away on a little trip (the kind with a beach) and have a sense of peace for a short period of time before diving full blast into baseball season with the boys.

It's probably hard to believe with the lack of evidence here on the blog, but I am knitting again, just still slowly and in short bits of time. I finished the knitting on a Looped Loop cowl yesterday and only have to kitchener/reverse kitchener the ends to form it into an actual cowl. I'm a little afraid it will take more brain power than I will have tonight to actually do that, but we'll see. That's the plan for tonight, but we'll see how it is when 8:30 p.m. actually comes around this evening.

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