Monday, December 1, 2014

Midnight Fiber and Fabric Podcast, Episode 25: Heel Connoisseur

 This week I've been working on Hitofude and Hermione’s Everyday Socks out of a colorway by Nerd Girl Yarn. I’ve also been cutting fabric for pajamas for all of the kids. 

I love the amazing bath, body, and baby things at and just restocked our cabinets.

We are preparing for the holiday season- I'd love to know some of your traditions and favorite winter things. Please share on the Episode 25 Thread on Ravelry.

I'm working on learning new sock heels and mention Sock Architectureby Lara Neel.

I picked up Hiya Hiya Sharps and Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina needles to try out this week.

Events: I will be heading to Stitches West February 19-22.

You can join in on the podcast conversation on:

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