Friday, October 1, 2010

{This Moment}

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Self-Stitched September

a.k.a. Sidetracked September for me. I started out fully intending to post daily outfits. Way back when I signed up for this my work schedule looked a certain way, so did our homeschool, and my husband was going to be in the same state as us.

None of that actually happened.


My photos look a little funny since they are all taken in my bathroom mirror (no tripod and no spouse to capture the pics!) and you'll notice that there aren't 30 of them. That is because I soooo didn't have enough self-stitched clothing to wear in public. All that sewing I do? It has resulted in an awful lot of it is pajamas and pants for ever-growing boys, and very little for myself this past year. I did wear something self-stitched every day, but it was a pretty constant repeat.

The blue tree branch skirt is my own pattern, and I made this last summer. It was one of the first skirts I ever made for myself and I still wear it quite a lot, even though I'd shape it differently now.

Another skirt. This is a red linen, my own pattern again, and my first attempt with a faced waist band last summer. I *love* this skirt and wear it all the time April-September.

This blue cardigan is the Shalom cardigan I knit last December. I love it so much I'm working on another in a basic grey.

This black blouse is a recon from an XL swim suit cover I found for $2.00 a year ago. It sat in my sewing cabinet all year and I finally took it out, cut it up and re-fit it in July.

The only outfit I don't have a picture of is a brown and blue skirt I wore with a white blouse- no idea why I have no picture of that outfit, but I missed taking pics every day that I wore it.

Lessons Learned:

1. I did NOT have enough self-stitched items to properly undergo this project. I would have been okay if I had counted knit socks and this had been a warmer month, but I just don't wear socks in September unless it really is cold enough to do so.

2. I wear WAY too much black and white and I really need to branch out. Those outfits above? I have about 5 other black shirts that were partnered with those skirts/jeans on the other days. I don't know if it's just because it's easy for me or if I'm really that boring. I love bright things, but I'm always worried about it being too much, and I have a serious problem mixing and matching. I have this overwhelming feeling that anything patterned must be subtle and it should be matched with a solid- at least when it comes to my clothes.

3. I need to include items for myself in my crafting plans or else I'll never do them. There is always something else to make for my kids, but it's okay to be a little selfish and make something for myself once in awhile. I used to do that, I need to get back into that again.

4. I need a tripod if I'm going to take better pictures of myself. The bathroom mirrror really didn't work. Of course, I *did* plan to have a spouse present to be the photographer, but at present time I can't depend on that while Brian is traveling so much.

Keeping Up

Yesterday morning Ezra crawled into our bed with his cold little toes and curled up next to me. He has the most perfect way of tucking in right against me and making me feel that perfect mix of sleepy and happy to have my baby lying on my shoulder, even though he's not a baby any more and makes sure we all know it.

I asked him if he needed anything.

"Just snuggles, Mama." He was almost asleep before he finished the phrase.

It wasn't long before alarms went off and it was time to greet the day. It was all too easy to turn it off and cuddle a little longer with my littlest.

But ignoring the alarm means less time for all there is to do, and that pile never gets any smaller. The simple daily household chores are the hardest for me to complete, at least on Wednesdays when I teach so long that I cannot stand to sacrifice the few hours I spend with my boys that day to be wasted on washing dishes or clothes.

So on Wednesdays I ignore and put off, leaving Wednesday's work for Thursday when I have a bit more time before I teach again. But Thursdays I drag because of the weight of Wednesday's load and I find Wednesday's work spilling to Friday and even the weekend.

The feeling of trying to "keep up" on everything that needs to be done is almost more exhausting than the actual work. When I write it all on paper it seems to work, but when it comes to the actual getting up and "doing" on Wednesdays it all falls apart and I find myself scrambling to catch up before the weekend comes.

So this week? No more scramble. A new routine begins tomorrow. I shifted absolutely everything off of Wednesdays that was possible, and while it is still a very full day, I hope it will alleviate the overwhelming feeling that I'm constantly behind. This girl just can't live that way.

I don't know why I feel so compelled to do *everything*, I just do, and after 29 years I'm finally starting to figure out how to reign that in to some degree.
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