Thursday, April 4, 2013


My brain has been just about everywhere this week- the studio recital is fast approaching, we're almost to Ellie's first birthday (!!!), I'm working on the planning for our next school year, the baseball season starts next week- leaving us with a month of soccer/baseball crossover... April has suddenly become a super busy month just 4 days into it.

On my mind...


:: Collecting School Materials 

:: What to knit next...
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Yarn Along

{Yarning Along with Ginny to share a current knit and the book I'm working my way through.}

I finally managed to get some little pink buttons onto little Miss Ellie's shrug to go along with her Easter dress. This is the Little Scapulae pattern by Kelly Brooker at and was a crazy fast knit. It was done almost before I realized I was knitting it.

{I keep promising this little girl that some day she WILL have hair.}

It really was a beautiful Easter day. The weather actually acted like it knows how it is supposed to be this time of year- but only for Easter day and then back to being cold and windy.

I got my hands on Sally Melville's new book Knitting Pattern Essentials on Monday and have only had about an hour with it since. I have great plans for this book over the coming months! I'm just about finished in the studio for this school term and the next 4-ish months are lightly scheduled work-wise so that I can finally dive into a long term project- studying my way through this book. I'm sure some of the process will end up in this space to share with you. I'm ready for some new technique and understanding more of the technical work behind the knitting I do.
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