Friday, March 23, 2012

Not Yet

No- no baby yet.

Just a week that got swallowed up by work and kids and homeschool planning and knitting and a little "I-will-unpack-every-last-box-before-Baby-Girl-gets-here-no-matter-what-it-takes"-itis.

And sometimes when a bug like that hits there is absolutely no time for anything else. I've sat down to write after a full day only to fall asleep at the keyboard, and I'm certainly not getting up early these days. I know I need that extra sleep right now.

 My house sure is coming together though thanks to a lot of help from my little guys (And the big one too- he has been home all week and that is always awesome). As a reward for all the hard work this week the boys are going off to grandpa's house for the evening and Brian and I are going to see Hunger Games.

{And while I've been in "get-it-done" mode I've also finished a few little knits.
I forgot how lovely and quick little baby things are. Pics to come soon!}

Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Things

I've reached the point in the pregnancy where continuous sleep is just not possible I'm going about 3 hours, then up for an hour or two, back to sleep for a few and back up... it's quite a cruel joke to play on a woman who will soon have a newborn waking every 2ish hours to nurse.

It was in one of those middle of the night "I can't sleep" sessions on Friday night that I got to thinking about all the things that need done around here in the next few weeks and a list was born. Sometimes getting that list written out actually helps to quiet my mind so I can get back to sleep so I put it to paper and went back to sleep thinking I'd talk to Brian about it the next day and see how he could help me accomplish it since I'm not able to do very much right now.

But then came this crazy burst of energy Saturday morning- I'm assuming that fabled nesting thing I've heard so much about and never had before. I warned the boys that this was the perfect day to "just go play" and that I wouldn't bother them about keeping picked up if they stayed out of my way while I was working and came to help for a few minutes whenever I needed it. After all- they're in charge of doing any bending over and picking up I might encounter in my day.

My kitchen counters are not just clean but completely clear of *everything* but the flowers my boys brought in yesterday. Laundry and bathrooms were done, and I'm pretty sure I dusted or mopped every lateral surface in the house. Baby's first clothes are washed and ready to meet her, the boys have summer clothes in their drawers and 2/3 of their winter things boxed up, and there is more progress in baby's room. When Brian came home from work he pretty much stuttered out a "Um... aren't you supposed to be resting?"

Finding energy in late pregnancy is not a little thing, especially with the amount of sleep I'm getting lately, so I had to take advantage. I didn't lift or move anything that I'm not supposed to (the advantage of having a 6-year-old who *loves* to prove his strength!) and my list of pre-baby "Things to Do" is much shorter now.

And knowing that helped me sleep much better last night.

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