Friday, February 21, 2014

Wool applique on flannel

My version of Evelyn's Album -a 2012 BOW (block of the week)  from Primitive Gatherings by Lisa Bongean.

This is wool applique on a flannel background. It was quite the feat to keep up with one block a week over the summer. I work best with a deadline but another one come in the mail EACH WEEK. Wool applique is faster than needle turn applique mainly because the prep time is quicker, cut it out and use "steam a seam 2" to iron it on and then I blanket stitch it down on the edges. The down side is wool costs more than cotton. 

This is the long arm quilting I chose to do on this quilt. It seems similar to McTavishing which is another style. So fun! I'm pretty sure you could do this on a regular sewing machine.While I sew I think straight lines, then curve and circles and try to think about keeping the spacing about an inch apart.... and just go for it! This was my first attempt and I think it is pretty original looking. I hope to use it again.

- Sue

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Right Front, Left Front

{Knitting along with Ginny today. Will you join us?}

Yesterday I worked diligently on the right front around the activities of the day. I gained several inches, and I'm about an hour away from the shoulder shaping. Today, around work and kids I'm hoping to finish up this right front and start the left front.

Isn't the edging pretty? It's super simple as well, save a little time consuming for two rows. But it's just two rows. :)

I work and have a meeting on Thursday, but it's also knit night (which I shall be late getting to, due to the meeting) so that will give me a few dedicated hours. I can knit for a portion of Friday, but we have an eye doctor visit and friends coming to visit and cleaning up and packing for a mini-trip, so we'll see how much knitting is actually done in the in between bits.

We have a pretty good chunk of car time this weekend that will help with the knitting volume, but I think I can see the results from here: I do think I'll get all my pieces done, but I doubt they will be seamed come Sunday. I will not have time to block them before Sunday and I don't want to mess with trying to seam unblocked pieces.

I've just started reading The Immune System Cure, the first in what I'm sure will be a long string of books on this particular subject. I am in the process of being diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder that is causing all sorts of weird problems, and possibly all the issues I've been having with my left hand and arm lately. I'm seeing my neurologist again next week as well as the rheumatologist, and the rheumatology appointment will likely be a final diagnosis. Right now I'm in the information gathering stage of my research and I'm just looking for anything that will help me understand how to better take care of myself with an auto-immune disorder.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ravellenic Update, Day 11

How are your Ravellenics projects treating you?

Now that I've got my math under control I'm working like crazy. I have about 8 rows left on the back piece and then I'm on to the right front. I'm spending every spare minute knitting around schooling the children and keeping up on the house. Ellie made friends with the ever-present yarn and no longer tries to carry off the skein I'm using. She just wants to help, so sometimes she holds one of the needles while I work a few stitches.

This great sea of grey stockinette will be the back of my sweater by Sunday.

I work this evening and through Thursday, but I'm still feeling optimistic about the one sweater. I think I can knock it out as long as I don't get distracted.

There are sock yarns everywhere and on Valentine's Day I brought home a skein of a bulky weight and another skein of a super bulky and all I can think of is COWLS!!! I also bought some lovely Madeline Tosh DK on Valentine's Day to finally knit Abalone. So pretty and it's already all skeined up, ready to go once I finish both Wildflower cardigans.

6 more days. I can do it.
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