Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lime Green Churn Dash Quilt

I've had this lime green, black & white layer cake fabric for awhile and when I saw the Churn Dash pattern I knew this was the pattern to use for it. I'm not generally a lime green person but I do like it a lot. I am sure a grandchild will love to own it.

The tutorial is very fast and interesting- you take two 10" squares and sew around the outside edges on all four sides. Then you cut diagonally and re-sew it. It's cut again in thirds, resewn and you have one 12" finished block. The amazing part is that the center pinwheel makes itself- no small pieces to cut and sew together! The full instructions for this construction can be found in a video tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company. My quilt group liked this pattern and method so much that I am teaching them how to do it. To make this a twin size quilt I did add white, lime green and black fabric for a border, but the blocks were all made from the layer cake.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just Keep Knitting...

{Yarning Along with Ginny. Will you join us?}

This has been a BUSY knitting week!

- On Friday I cast on for the Ravellenic Games. My primary goal is to knit the Wildflower Cardigan by Alana Dakos and my secondary goal is to knit the Wee Wildflower for my daughter, Ellie.

- Over the weekend I knit up 1 adult cardigan sleeve and 1 baby cardigan sleeve for my Ravellenic Goal. I started on the back of the adult cardigan as well.

- On Monday I worked on the back of the adult cardigan and added several inches. I also put up the first Midnight Fiber and Fabric Podcast on Monday. I'd love if you'd give it a listen and let me know what you think. I'm still figuring it out a little bit, and I appreciate helpful suggestions.

- On Monday night I noticed something was wrong and ripped out the back. I still have to undo the sleeves...

- But yesterday I picked myself up, ripped out the two sleeves and got back to knitting on the back piece of the adult cardigan., and now I have:

Not very impressive, but hard-won.

Only 40 gazillion stitches left to go between this cardigan and the baby one until I'm finished.

This week I started reading Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon. I'm about 20% in. This has a very different feel than the previous books in the series, so I'm still trying to get into the rhythm of the book. I'm really invested in the story so I hope I can get better into it quickly- I do want to be able to read through the entire series.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ravellenic Update, Days 1-4

My main goal is to knit up the Wildflower Cardigan by Alana Dakos for myself. I'm knitting the second size listed in the pattern (the 36.25" bust) for myself. I have a "secondary" goal that I *really* want to accomplish, which is to also knit the Wee Wildflower by Alana Dakos for my daughter.

As of last night at 10 p.m., I was finished with 1 sleeve of the baby cardigan and 1 adult sleeve, and I was about 6 inches into the back of the adult cardigan.

As of  this morning I have... 1 inch on the back. No sleeves.

Oh, gracious.

I'm not going to share a shameful picture of it... I just can't look at it yet. Maybe when I've recovered the 6 inches I'll be able to look past this grave error, but I can't yet. I'm too close to the ripping.

As I was knitting the back piece last night I thought it looked a little small, so I decided to count stitches and make sure I was on track- only to find out I was missing at least 40 stitches... and that I had made a mistake down on the 3rd or 4th row. A mistake that I absolutely could not drop down and fix.

So last night I ripped the back piece. I'm trying to work up the courage and fortitiude to rip out the two sleeves I had, because they are way too small too due to the same counting error.

Excuse me while I cry in the corner for a minute.

But just for a minute, because I have two sweaters to knit- now in 13 days.

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