Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Moving In

We've been busy moving to our new home over the last week. We have been painting and fixing things up since March 28th, and we made the big move on the 5th. We ran into a few minor problems, or I should say, my husband and father-in-law ran into a few problems. Minor repair work that should have only taken about 6 hours ended up taking almost 2 full days. They worked so hard to get things ready for us, and they felt likey had nothing to show for all their effort. Once they got things taken care of, my mom and I spent a few days painting and putting borders up in the boys' bedrooms. I'm very happy with how everything turned out! The only things left to do in their rooms is to put up the closet systems, but that will have to wait awhile until I get the house into a better state.

I am not taking time off from work for the move, so it's going to take me quite awhile to get everything taken care of. Every room is at least unpacked enough to be functional. The boys rooms, bathrooms and kitchen are completely done. I have yet to finish up the living room and master bedroom, and my studio is only half unpacked. I've been working on the studio in little bits all week long as that is the next task that *must* be accomplished. My goal is to be unpacked by Sunday.

One thing that packing for a move does for you? It certainly forces you to declutter! I found myself thinking "I don't want to bother with moving that!" over and over again. I got rid of so many things it was ridiculous that I even had all that stuff! I'm so glad. There were things in there that we had been carrying for years and I feel so much better to be rid of so much of it.

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