Friday, November 28, 2008

Seven Quick Takes 1

I've recently started reading Jen over at the Conversion Diaries. I found her through Elizabeth Foss's blog, and I spent my free time over 3 days reading most of it. I've enjoyed her writing quite a bit and that's where I saw the Seven Quick Takes thing. Be sure to go check her out!


1. I'm still trying to figure out the "Work" thing with Big Kid. There are a few works he's had out on his shelves for several weeks that he has had a lesson on and then used maybe once. I've offered another lesson on a few of them but he's not interested.  They are all number related works, and his real interest is letters and words right now. Should I put those away and bring them out later or should I leave them out even if he doesn't touch them for months?


2. Big Kid has been really focused on 1 certain activity. First thing during work time he asks me to write a few words for him and then he traces them or tries to write them. I ask which words he would like to write and he tells me- usually it's his name or his brother's name, occasionally he'll ask for other people's names. The last few days it has been words from Charlotte's Web which we're reading before bed, but again only the names Charlotte and Wilbur. What is the fascination with names?


3. Little Bit is desperate to have the binomial cube. I know he's too young to work it correctly, but it's one of his brother's favorite works and he sees it out all the time. He is dying to get that one! I'm tempted to give him a lesson on it and see what he does since he's so fascinated. That would be a hoot. The child can't say a word but he can put together the binomial cube . . .


4. I've really been immersed in Montessori for months now. I've begun branching out just a little and looking toward Charlotte Mason and Waldorf. Anyone have any advice on particular sources to read? I'm specifically looking for Waldorf resources.


5. I'm in a creative slump. I'm having a hard time being motivated to finish up the boys handmade gifts for Christmas and I really have to get going on them!


6.  27 has been a bad age so far. I'm only a few months in and already not so good. I've been thinking quite a lot about changes to make. Someone once told me that 27 is an age of unrest and I'm definitely feeling it. Superman asked me the other night if I was having a 1/3 life crisis. I think maybe I am.

7. We're really enjoying Chuck. As in we've DVR'd every episode and we watch the old episodes while waiting the week for new episodes. We're both giant geeks.

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