Monday, December 29, 2008

Beyond Homemaking Daybook 6

Weather: It's pretty reasonable outside right now- around 45 or 50 I'd guess. Sunny, nice, but unusual for the end of December!


This Week: We're recovering from Christmas. Well, more accurately we're recovering the house from Christmas. I spent the weekend going through the boys' toys boxing up baby toys for future little ones and boxing toys to donate. We found new homes for the gifts, and their rooms are in order for now. I'm working on getting out the next size clothing for Little Bit, he's fully in 24 month clothes, but also a few 2T shirts and all 2T pajamas.


Current Fiction Read: Kushiel’s Chosen by Jacqueline Carey. I'm about half through now. :)


Current Non-Fiction Read: Real Learning by Elizabeth Foss.


Craftiness: The big project of the week is to finish Reed's quilt top.


Learning at home:  I pulled everything off the Montessori shelves yesterday and I'm going to re-set the shelves tonight after the boys go to bed. There are a few new things I'm going to put out, and some old things I'm going to present again. I also decided to go ahead and really make 2 of the shelves specifically for Little Bit, 2 shelves to share and the other shelves for Big Kid. 


New work: I presented odd and even numbers to Big Kid with the Numbers and Counters yesterday. I'm working on some things for Little Bit also.

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