Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

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I make crazy amounts of lists- absolutely everything must be written down. Just about everyone that knows me knows that if I don't write it down or enter it into the calendar on my phone it's like it never happened. I might vaguely recall the conversation, but rarely details- I blame this on mommy brain. Even my 3-year-old will say, "Mama, did you write it down?"

I didn't write down 2 appointments for yesterday, therefore they weren't attended. I'm feeling like a giant dork and wondering why I can't remember simple things like that. I used to have an excellent memory and now all my brain power is taken up with remembering the last diaper change, the last snack, how much milk has been consumed in the last 24 hours, what chapter are we on in our read aloud...



I'm getting ready to order seeds at Pinetree Garden Seeds. I'm trying to start small so we're going with tomatoes, spinach and broccoli. I've been considering a lettuce mix and onions also- we'll see though. It depends on how brave I am on the day that I order. I'm still not convinced that I totally know what I'm doing, but I'm to the point that we will just have to jump in and try. It will either work or it won't- either way we'll learn a lot.



I love this cute little hostess apron! I found it through The Apronista, a site that makes me want to sew more every time I visit. I'm mentally digging through my fabric stash to see if I have suitable fabric to replicate the look. Maybe, yes!



Another pair of socks is finished- that's right- finished! I started on Saturday night, finished the first sock on Monday night, started the second sock between students on Tuesday and finished up last night. It certainly helped that Little Bit was up so many times. I'd put him back to bed and knit a few rows until I knew he was settled back in, then sleep awhile til he woke again. There's nothing worse than thinking he's been settled and just barely getting your eyes closed before he starts up again. So I knit.

I used the same pattern as for the first pair of socks- I know I should branch out and try another sock pattern... maybe this? Pictures of current socks to come. :)



I found this link via Kara. Have you heard about the James Challenge? This is something I have been prayerfully considering over the last few days. I worry about being disciplined enough to follow through, but discipline has been one of the foremost thoughts on my mind in the last several weeks. This may be a way to see prayer answered. Note #1 though- my memory is sketchy at best.



I've been looking for a good craft to do with Big Kid for Valentine's day this year. We have plans to paint some valentine's cards over the weekend, and I have a heart shaped mold to make candy or ice cubes or something heart shaped. I found this craft that we're going to try- Big Kid is learning to make stitches in a row (the child loves to sew with me- hooray!) so I think the little sewn felt hearts will be a fun thing for us to sit and do together during one of Little Bit's naptimes.



The computer is here! It arrived near the end of the work day Thursday, so I'm trying to get to know it. I'm brand new to Vista and it's annoyances quirks. I'm  downloading all the things it needs- printer drivers, business files, PICTURES... and will get quilt pictures posted on Monday. Speaking of the quilt, it's on it's way to the quilter this morning. I'm not sure of the exact time-frame she'll need to finish it, but my mother says she usually has them back within a week. I am so happy with how the color schemes turned out, especially since it is made completely of unplanned fabric. I can't wait to send this off to Reed's mother!


  1. just popped over from "Conversion Diary." What great links! I long for a chef apron, and those socks look awesome. And the little hearts--how sweet!

  2. We had our first garden last year - it went really , really well. We ate our own tomatoes from June till October. We didn't use anything fancy, just planted the seeds in some disposable foil cake pans, and set them in our front window. We did tomato, spinach, basil, lettuce, cilantro, squash, cantelope. It was great! I hope yours goes well.

  3. I love this template, I have almost switched to it many times :) but I'm partial to 3 columns. Thanks for the link to the James Challenge!

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