Friday, July 31, 2009

Seven Quick Takes


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We are potty training Ez. I wasn't ready for this but he started taking off his diaper and peeing on the floor. Potty training it is, then!




I'm on the downhill slide in the seventh Harry Potter book. I forgot how fast paced this book is! I have been falling asleep early the last few nights and haven't had a chance to finish up yet, but that's the plan for the weekend.




Speaking of the weekend, Superman is out of town this weekend on his first fishing trip in 2 years. He has a 3 week break from school so this was the perfect time to go. What am I going to do with my evenings? We usually watch something together- I suppose I'll be forced to spend extra time sewing.




I just finished reading Working in the Reggio Way. It was so helpful for me to read in more detail about projects and how it works in the Reggio schools. It's such an interesting model to build on and I'm seeing real ways to include Reggio practices in our home.




Ezra has started calling himself by name in the last few days. He goes around to everyone and calling them by name- Daddy, Mama, Bubba, then proudly pats his own chest and announces "Ez". I love his silly grin when he says it!




Ender discovered The Velveteen Rabbit last night. He loved it so much that we read it twice in one sitting and another time before bed. He slept with the copy on his night stand and when he woke this morning he said, "Mama, I think you should know that my Bear-Bear is real because I love him so much."




I've spent the week in the studio where our big changes are taking place. I had an opportunity for an expansion that doesn' t add very much time to my work week but adds a lot of great opportunities for the kids in my studio and after much consideration (and a ton of document reading- holy cow!) this week I've decided to take it. I'm excited about adding these classes to my schedule and I think my students are going to benefit greatly. It's a lot of work on the front end, so posting here may be a bit sparse in the next two weeks. The great thing is that once the program is set up it's ready for the entire year. Hooray!

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