Wednesday, August 12, 2009


In the past week Ender has:


:: started to fill the entire page with color when he draws (instead of scribbling here and there)

:: asked to paint almost every day (this from the child who refused to paint because of the potential mess until very recently)

:: shown tremendous excitement for his brother's potty training successes (I think he's more excited than we are!)

:: Started to reason through the scary things that come along.

:: Asked to sew. And asked again. He's determined to get on my machine and sew all on his own- for now he has to be content to help me with the pedal.

:: Figured out that his brother adores him endlessly and will copy absolutely anything he does. (currently he uses this for good and not evil- how long can I hope that continues?)

:: Decided he's not too big to start and end the day with cuddles from Mama.

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