Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Outside my window...  our neighbor is mowing and it smells like grass and impending rain. This is the first day in a long time that we haven't been outside much of the morning. Ender hasn't been feeling well since he woke up and now I'm not feeling that great either. I'm so glad we've been able to have the windows open for almost a week now!


I am thinking... about reading and writing with Ender. Actually, that's what I've been spending most of my weekend pondering. He has started to use some invented spelling instead of always asking me to spell words for him, so I think that's a giant step forward for him. I suppose I'm just having a tug of war with myself about how much or how little to do with him. I know the desire is coming from him, but I don't want to get too serious about it if he's not really up for it.


I am thankful for... my husband. I'm pretty sure I said that in the last daybook too, but after this past weekend I need to say it again.


From the learning rooms... we are taking it easy this week. This is my first week back to the full schedule in the studio which also means lots of time invested in updating the website, blogging there and doing fun things like inventory and rescheduling students who suddenly have permanent conflicts. So we're doing a bit of phonics each day, using the montessori shelves as desired, and still reading a lot of books.

From the kitchen... I have a TON of jalapenos from the garden, so I made a big batch of salsa to last this week and the rest are going to be chopped up and frozen for later use.

I am wearing... a black t-shirt and jeans. Socks too. 70 degrees is apparently too cold for me.


I am creating... student lesson plans for the studio. Sadly there isn't much time for crafting right now. Once I get back into things I'll start sewing on the nights that Superman is in class, but for now I'm just trying to keep up.


I am going... NOWHERE. We're spending our mornings at home (before I start teaching at 1) and purposely trying not to go out over the next two weeks unless we have to.

I am reading... Mistress of the Revolution by Catherine Delors and Strong-Willed Child or Dreamer? by Ron Braund

I am hoping... to find time to do *something* relaxing this week.

I am hearing... the boys listening to Jim Cosgrove while they play.

Around the house... I took care of a lot of massive organizing projects over the last 2 weeks while I wasn't working, so the house is actually in really good shape. I'm so glad I did that over the break because it really does make me feel a lot better, even with the temporary stress going on around here.

One of my favorite things... extra sleep. I went to bed last night as soon as Ender was done- so . . . 8:30? And Ezra didn't wake until 7:00 this morning, so I'm feeling *really* good this morning.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . Nothing too exciting- keeping the house picked up, reading with the boys, getting to know new students this week, and trying to find a bit of time somewhere to do a bit of writing or crafting. Surely I can find 15 minutes somewhere, right?

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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  1. Lovin your Daybook posts...
    I'm home with our youngest too...not feeling very well...going through a box of tissues EVERY day for the past 3 days!


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