Monday, November 16, 2009


Outside my window… the weather is finally acting November-ish, but I wish it were jus tthe cold kind. It's drizzly and gray where we are, and up north where Superman works it's rotating between snow, sleet and drizzle. Poor guy is outside in all of this today.


I am thinking… about Thanksgiving food. I'm responsible for one side dish and a dessert this year for my side of the family, and another dessert for Superman's side.


I am thankful for… a slow weekend. We had no where to go but church on Sunday and I caught up all the laundry and cleaning by noon on Saturday. There was soooo much sewing this past weekend! (Pictures starting tomorrow!)


Always Learning…  We had a slightly slower week this past week with a lot of time spent at the table writing the letters of the alphabet Ender has learned to form so far (A-F, N, R and T in both upper and lowercase). He spent most of the summer begging me to learn to write letters but when we started to work on them he just wasn't ready. It's amazing how much kids develop and change in just a few months. I'm glad we waited a little longer because he has become very confident in this area. I don't think that would have happened if we'd started before he was really ready.


Ezra has spent a lot of his time with the buttoning turkey and his latest fascination is carrying the child-sized chairs around the living room. He's been joining us for collages. He's not quite ready to cut on his own, but he *is* the resident king of the gluestick.


From the kitchen… Lots of leftovers. We're trying to use up as much of what's in the house as possible since we will be gone so long at Thanksgiving and I don't want to come back to any surprises in my refrigerator.


I am wearing… Dark denim jeans, a white cami and sweater on top. I'm all about the layers lately. Oh yes, and awesome argyle socks.


I am creating… December lesson plans and MORE Christmas sewing. I finished Superman's gift over the weekend, and worked on stockings. I'm hoping to finish those in the next day or two.


I am going… to get the house in really great shape before next Wednesday so we can come home to a really clean house.


I am reading… Kushiel’s Mercy by Jacqueline Carey. I do actually read books by other people too, it's just that hers are like 600 pages . . .


I am hoping… For a more relaxed week of teaching in the studio this week.


I am hearing… The boys talking to Ender's fish as they eat their morning snack. They love to tell him what their plans are for the day. 


Around the house… We want to get the Christmas tree set up this coming weekend since we will be leaving on Thanksgiving and won't be back until December 5. I'm trying to figure out where the Christmas tree might be able to go and all the other Christmas things we want to have set up for the boys for when we come back.


One of my favorite things… bubble baths. I've been able to have one in the evening a few times this week to de-stress. I can read without feeling like I should really be doing something else.


A few plans for the rest of the week … Making packing lists, more sewing, taking back the enormous stack of fall themed library books and replacing them with winter books, Superman's midterm for 1 class, and finalizing thanksgiving plans with family.

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