Monday, December 21, 2009


In the last few weeks . . .

:: Said his first real sentence. "Where are you going, Daddy?" he asked when he saw that Superman was putting his shoes on to take the garbage out.

:: When Ender's fish died Ezra patted his brother's back and said, "s'okay Ender" and gave him a hug.

:: His new favorite word is "WHAT?!?!?" said in a very high pitched and incredulous tone. He says it every time someone says something silly.

:: This is the first year he has remembered a bit about Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. We've been reading one or two books each day and talking about Jesus' birth every day. He's been holding his baby as baby Jesus for about 2 weeks now and talks about Him constantly. Combine this with his love of opposites and you have an interesting morning:

Me: Ezra, what do you want to wear today?

Ezra: Baby Jesus (laughs)

Me: The green shirt or the blue shirt?

Ezra: Green baby Jesus. (hysterical laughter)

Me: What do you want for breakfast?

Ezra: Baby Jesus.

UM . . . . .


I told a friend about this and she laughed and said, "You do realize that he's telling you that the answer is ALWAYS Jesus, right?"

:: Ezra, your compassion and sincere love for your brother is such a joy to see. I love that you always ask for a snack for your brother when you are getting one for yourself. You look around for Ender whenever you're trying to decide what to play. You literally cheer when you hear Ender's door open in the morning because you are SO excited to see him each day. I am so happy that you two are so closely knit and watch over each other so carefully, cheering each other on and hugging each other so much more often than you argue. A dear brother is such a precious gift.

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