Monday, December 14, 2009


Have I ever told you that I'm a giant geek that researches everything to death? Just thought it was fair to warn you before jumping into this post.

I mentioned before that we spent a lot of time on our trip talking about what we want Kindergarten to look like for Ender next year and about our individual expectations for homeschooling in general.  We've had the general conversation many times before, but this time it felt more refined for some reason.

We spent more time talking over the weekend, and in between discussions I've been reading a ton, so thought I'd share a giant info-dump on the things I've found in my kindergarten search.


Scope and Sequences:

For these I was looking for a wide spectrum of Kindergarten objectives. I was curious to see what was average and to see where Ender fits- or if he fit at all.


Hollywood Schoolhouse


I also have reference to my Montessori albums and the book What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know.


General Resources:

1. This giant list that includes a TON of links for every subject.

2. Kelly's Kindergarten for ideas.

3. Mini Office to help Ender write independently (scroll to Jan. 2005)

4. BrainPOP Jr.


6. Serendipity

7. The Brain Food List from HolyExperience.



I know science isn't a huge deal in Kindergarten, but when you have a science loving boy, it is. The scary thing about this for me is that science is my weak area. In my searching I've come across some great lists:

1. MacBeth's Opinion

2. Good Science Books

3. Fun Schooling's Science List



1. Math Journals

2. More Math Journals (scroll down to April-July 2006) 

3. Math is Fun


Feel free to add links in comments. Any links to K-3 materials works here.


  1. If I can ever share any suggestions or ideas with you, please let me know. I have been teaching 34 years. I retired from the public schools and now work in a private Christian school.

  2. Great article! I love to keep reading them, please continue :)


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