Thursday, November 4, 2010

If You Give a 3-year-old Scissors...

If you give a 3-year-old boy scissors he will ask for something to cut.

If you draw something simple (like a square) he will say, "I think I want some leaves. You can draw leaves, right?"

If you draw 2 pages of free-hand leaves he will surely say, "Can you make me some more?"

And if you draw him more and more and more leaves he will cut and cut and cut until you have a nice little basketful.

But when you have a basketful he will look at you with those sparkling baby blues and sweetly say, "Can you pass me the glue???"

And he will most certainly enlist his brother for help, because a project is brewing...

And another wall poster is born! And for the first time a project was brought to life by the little guy.

Our tree books:


  1. Wow....what a great job Ezra did cutting those leaves!

  2. Thanks. :) He's been really intent on cutting lately, and very particularly cutting on the lines. It's kind of funny to watch since he gets so serious about it.


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