Friday, March 19, 2010

Seven Quick Takes



We spent yesterday kind of scrambling to get things together for this weekend, and it looks like what free time we have today will be spent doing the same. Family is here from out of town and most available free time is going to be spent seeing them before they head back to Utah and New York and Nebraska.


I have a few posts bouncing around in my head for next week- one about children's book art, another about observation and modeling, and some knitting of course- so I'll be back next week with more.


 Ezra is making every effort to use full sentences. It's quite aweseome.



 My February Lady Sweater is about 5 inches from finishing the body. I'm really enjoying this pattern.


 Even though the Feb. Lady Sweater is undoubtedly fun, I'm taking a brief timeout to work on Easter things for my boys. A little lion and a little elephant are working their way off the needles. I'm using Susan B. Anderson patterns and they are so easy to work with!


Leprechauns paid us a visit on Wednesday! They turned our breakfast milk green, and the purple jello we made the day before somehow turned green. Mysterious, right? They did leave Ezra and Ender each a gold dollar for their piggy bank, so I guess it wasn't all bad.


Ender discovered word searches this week. His grandfather found a word search where you look for the same word several times ("find the word HORN 5 times in this puzzle" kind of thing) and it has been so interesting to watch him figure this out. It will also be easy for me to make extras for him if he runs out.

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