Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Week in 7 Quick Takes



I truly didn't mean to go all week without writing here, but the days got away from me. The great news is that our living room is totally organized again and there is nothing hiding under any of the beds or in the bedroom closets.



Only 8 DAYS until Superman graduates and he's actually home in the evenings!!! We're a *little* excited. Ender made a countdown chain the other day because he just can't wait til the dayy daddy's days off actually mean free time.


I've been in a knitting slump. I've started and ripped back the toe of the same sock three times now because I always do something foolish with it. I've been knitting socks for how long now? A year? I should know how this goes by now.

I've also tried a few times to get going on sweater sleeves, because I have two sweaters in need of sleeves. FOUR TRIES it took to pick up stitches correctly. I feel like a knitting loser. I actually told superman the other night that I knit so that I don't go crazy and the lack of knitting progress was leading me to the land of the loonies. He looked at me with a "be nice to the crazy lady with sharp sticks" kind of stare.

Thank goodness I finally got a good sleeve going last night or I'd be a wreck today.



We signed the boys up for swimming lessons this summer. Ender is *not* keen to go because he knows that this is the year they'll make him put his face in the water and he doesn't want to. No amount of "you'll learn to swim like a fish" kind of talk is helping him. So Superman is going to try to get him into a friend's pool a few times before lessons to get him used to the idea so he doesn't totally melt down at classes.

This will be Ezra's first year at swimming and it's mostly just safety type stuff: getting in the pool only if an adult is with you, how to kick their legs and move their arms, getting in and out of the pool safely etc.). He *really* hopes that he gets to put his face in the water. Such different personalities these boys have!



I washed fabric for a quilt on Sunday and it has sat in a pile ever since. I actually spent Tuesday evening ironing all of it after the boys had gone to bed and while Superman was in class because I full intended to start measuring and cutting pieces Wednesday morning, but it still sits in a pile (folded now, thank goodness!). I'm very excited about the project, but just can't seem to find a big enough block of time to focus on the cutting right now.


I'm hunting readers for Ender. Simple stuff, 2-4 words per page so he won't feel intimidated, but enough words to tell a story. We've exhausted the Bob books and some of the books we've haphazardly picked up at the library have been okay on brief flip through, but when I actually read through them at home they're too much for him or combine words that follow too many different rules on one page. He's reading and loving Hop on Pop a few pages at a time if that give you a good idea of level.



Next week may be a bit of a blur too- Superman has three finals, a graduation prep class and then the actual graduation and party on Saturday!!!!


  1. I was afraid of going under water when I first took swimming lessons and never did during the lessons. But after the lessons were over I started going under water on my own whenever we went swimming. So I guess it was a combination of lessons and just being ready to do it in my own time.

  2. I used to teach first grade, and the kids loved Tedd Arnold's Fly Guy books. They may be a little advanced for your little guy just yet, but you might check them out. Starfall has some phonics-based readers online that focus on one sound and give quite a bit of support: You might also want to check out the following authors: Hans Wilhelm, Mo Willems (Elephant and Piggie books), Alyssa Satin Capucilli (Biscuit books), Stan Berenstain (some of the early reader Bear books), and David McPhail (Big Brown Bear, Lost!, Fox and Bear, Fox and Bear Look at the Moon). Borders has some good levelled readers as well, if you stop in the store. I would try for a balance between phonics readers and "real" books with more of a story line, some predictable text, and lots of picture clues. That way you're working on context clues and comprehension as well as simply sounding out words. Also, you can always read books together and pause where you want him to read, or alternate your reading one page and him reading the next - that way you can enjoy books with a little more content and still work on reading skills. Have fun!


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