Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snack Cards

We're generally a sugar-lite household, but ever since Easter it seems like candy is being requested at least 10 times a day around here. Having a Hershey's kiss after lunch is one thing, but using chocolate to fill in your nutrition quota is completely another.


Our solution?


Snack Cards!


The boys made some cards to show healthy food we had in the house at the time. We cut our cards from cardstock to about the size of index cards. They drew one food item per card and hung the cards on the fridge for an easy way to see what kinds of snacks are good snacks to ask for.







(**side note** I heart invented spelling! I tell Ender the correct spelling if he asks like he did with his "strawberry" card, but I love when he goes for it himself.)


We plan to add cards as our snacks change, so I imagine we have a lot of card making in our future!

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