Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Plans

Last week we finished up swimming lessons for the summer and t-ball wrapped up on Saturday. Before swimming lessons Ender was more than reluctant to get in the water. His big fear was wrapped up in putting his face in the water, and we’d tried to show him easy ways to do it, but he was too scared to try. The teachers for his class were great- they didn’t push him to do anything he was too scared to try, but they did get him to make big steps forward. By the last few classes he was putting his face in! It was really quick each time, but he was trying it! Now he has the rest of the summer to practice.

We are spending the next few days getting ready for a trip to New York. The boys are both very excited about riding on a plane for the first time- I fully expect Ezra to tell us we can go right back home the second we land because his dreams will have been fulfilled.

We have plans to see the Baseball Hall of Fame, a Yankees game, the Museum of Natural History and Wicked on Broadway. We’re going to Central Park, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. And maybe most exciting of all (for me): Purlsoho! I’ve wanted to see their shop for the longest time and now I finally get the chance to go in person instead of spending time drooling at their online shop.

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