Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Handmade Hopes

Mama-made things are important around here. My boys love wearing their mama-made clothes and using other mama-made things. They're so used to me sewing and knitting for them that they've started to put in special orders.

Sometimes special orders that are impossible to fill (Ender: "Can you make me an elephant that fills my whole room?), but I do what I can.

It's especially important to me that they receive handmade gifts from us at Christmas. I love to make things for them, I love that it is something special and unique just for them. I love that they know and appreciate the time and work that goes into their gifts. And most of all, I feel like it's putting forward to them the very idea behind this holiday: it's not about the gift, it's about the heart and the love behind it.

This year I'm getting to work on Christmas things early so that I have a chance of finishing 75% of what I want to finish.

Ender and Ezra: (the boys like to match, so they're receiving a few handmade things that are the same item but in their own favorite colors or styles)

1. A sweater or vest (at their request- they've put in very specific requests! probably going to use Elizabeth Zimmermann's EPS to build these, but I'm still thinking that through.)
2. knitted slippers
3. new pajamas for Christmas Eve
4. Drawstring bag (for treasures)

Brother-in-law T
A Transformers Hat [rav link]

Summit (scarf size) [rav link]

Also, a super-secret project for the husband that I can't mention here. You'll see pics after Christmas I'm sure!

I still have the annual mittens/scarves/hats to make for our family too, so I have to fit that in around the Christmas knitting and sewing. This is why that 75% mentioned above is a very lofty goal.

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