Monday, August 30, 2010

Self-Stitched September Prep

Self-Stitched September involves a variety of goals; mine is to wear something I've made or reconstructed every day.

As of Saturday, I had the following options:

3 skirts and 1 cardigan, and 2 pair of hand knit socks.

Sooo not enough!

I do a lot of knitting and sewing but I realized while I was looking over my handmades that a good portion of that sewing and knitting is for other people even though I feel like I am a very selfish crafter. Maybe that's just because I have a lot on the needles and cut out for myself at the moment.

I may have panicked a little.

Over the weekend I sewed and knitted like crazy and I was able to add another 2 skirts, a shirt ( a recon), and a pair of wrap pants. I have another skirt cut out and another recon blouse that I'm hoping to get to before the end of the week. I am also 1 sleeve away from a finished cardigan, so that would be helpful.

Now I know what I need in my handmades wardrobe: Pants and shirts! Basically, the things that scare me to make. I still consider myself to be a beginning (but not new) sewist and I have yet to tackle any pants for myself. I've made plenty of elastic waist pants for my boys, but never anything fitted.

Now I feel the urge to pattern search.

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