Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life on Hold

Sometimes you get a call that stops everything, that freezes your breath and makes you wonder if you can make such a recovery again.

In that moment everything moves slowly and sound disappears and you worry about the strangest things.

Where are the other kitchen towels?

Why is my floor so cold?

We've been here before: we call it the land of lay-off, a.k.a. all too familiar terrain.

We praise God for giving us the grace to deal with the news the day of the call, for reminding us to find our hope in Him, and we're especially grateful and humbled that He caught us just one day after the call with the opportunity for temporary work out of state. We do not know if it will last a week, a month or longer, but we praise Him for the work while we have it, and our prayers continue.

I'm beginning to think the true title for this place should be "On My Knees" as I perpetually find myself there.


  1. I truly hope that whatever news you have received, you are able to find a happy peaceful place soon.

  2. Can you imagine where my thoughts went when I saw this title? In fact it was relief I felt at your difficult news I'm afraid. Everyone at your home is healthy and well in spite of the stresses. I DO think of you often and hope for very good news in the near future.

    We have a new baby at DD's home! Leo Spencer arrived on September 2nd.


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