Monday, October 18, 2010

Re-Do: School Room

Let me introduce you . . .

To our school room!

It is small and it used to be Ezra's bedroom, but it is working well for us right now and that is the most important thing. The boys moved in together in one bedroom and all of the toys that had previously been stored in their bedrooms moved in to this room along with all the school things that used to reside in our living room. Part of the decision to move all this around came from needing our living room to have a bit more of a "public appearance" since several students and their families come through that area every day.

The other reason? The boys have been *begging* us to share a room!

The little table to the right is for Ezra as he plays and works in the mornings. The two cabinets in the right corner hold all of our craft supplies. The shelves in the left corner of the picture are Ender's Montessori shelves.

Right now we are using a card table for school, but I hope to find a used table through thrifting this fall or maybe in a spring garage sale. The shelves on the left are Ezra's and hold his Montessori work and toys. Under the table is the file crate for my records and materials and our library box and bag for holding the books we aren't currently using.

... and the still in progress portion of the room- toy storage, puzzles, extra books, workbooks, yarn and other stuff we don't use all that often. I'm planning to organize these a little better and hang curtains to keep it looking neat even though it's storage.

One of my favorite parts! The buckets hold our writing materials. Pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, colored pencils, toothpicks, markers . . . pretty much anything we might need on a regular basis! The basket on the end is for loose papers the boys work on. Most often this work is free drawing, but some work is part of school as Ender learns to narrate out loud for me and illustrate his narrations. At the end of each month I go through the stack and put everything in the correct place. I keep a bit of each boy's art work from each month and any of Ender's work that belongs in our school notebook is placed in there.

Our budget? Absolutely zero. All of the furniture was living in other rooms with the exception of Ezra's Montessori shelves. We moved things around to find a fit (and I moved a few other things back out much to my husband's chagrin!) but I'm glad we were able to make this work without a single purchase.

I'm sure you noticed our jagged paint edges after taking down Ezra's baby border- I *am* planning to buy just enough paint to paint a border in there, but I sincerely hope it won't be too long until we're re-painting for a new little one. No, this isn't an announcement, just a hope and another prayer for God to bless us again. So until that day, we have a little school room!

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