Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Knits, Part 1

This year I made more of our gifts than ever before- 7 gifts in all knit over the last three months. I was so worried about not being finished in time that I started in October with the Kernel scarf, and kept going straight through.

First up on the Christmas Knits tour are the Elf Shoes [Rav link]:

Please forgive the flash photos, but Christmas came early in the morning this year- this is the first year Ezra has really understood how Christmas morning works and his usual waking time is about 6:30 a.m., so it was even earlier than that....

My boys have wide feet and since I felt like the felting process would be pretty forgiving I made them both the youth size. I was a little nervous about the sizing, but it turned out well. The boys definitely needed the extra width!

I took them yarn shopping with me for this project, but told them it was for a secret project. They did catch me working on them once or twice, but fortunately at points in the projects when they couldn't tell what they were!

These took about 4-5 hours per pair to knit and then 2 cycles through my washer to felt to the correct size. I used plastic bags wadded up inside the slippers to block them since I didn't want the boys to know what their gift was and I was surprised at how well that worked! Again, I was nervous after they were dry that they had felted just a bit too small, but they turned out perfectly.

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