Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Knits, part 2

You have my apologies for a dark-ish pic, but our days have been overcast since before Christmas. I was hoping some sun would peak out last week and afford us good photography, but no such luck!

This sweater was Ender's choice. When he asked me to make him a sweater back in August I told him I wanted him to pick everything about it. He went with this pretty blue Cascade, and stuck very clearly to one edict: Don't make it tight.

See, Ender is very particular about texture. Tags, stray strings, or any little bit out of place screams at him, and that makes the fit of clothes very important. I was a bit worried at first about choosing this wool, but he held it quite a lot, rubbed it on his cheek and carried it around. When he had no complaints I proceeded, half prepared for the possibility of frogging after a fitting if he thought it was scratchy at all.

The only complaint at that first fit? Too tight. So I cast a bit bigger using Elizabeth Zimmermann's percentage system and this is our result. I planned it to be a little extra long in sleeves and body to maybe also work for next fall since he attaches to the clothes I make for him so firmly, and he declares it to be a perfect fit. I think it will actually be a perfect fit *next fall* but he's pretty happy with how it is now, and that's good enough for me.

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