Monday, January 17, 2011


As in first finished project of the year!

These are plain vanilla socks, knit for my husband in Patons classic wool (which is typed on ravelry as a worsted weight, but I treat as a DK but maybe that's just me being weird...) on US 3's, or as I will fondly remember them, the set of needles that led me to a tetanus shot over Christmas break.

One of the goals I have for the year is to finish 1 sock each month for a grand total of 6 pairs***. That would be precisely 6 pair more than I finished last year a.k.a. the year I cast on 3 pair, frogged 2 and have 1 sitting complete *almost* over the arch of my foot- but just the first one- and that's since I cast it on in August on the New York trip...

That sad thing about this is that I started knitting in 2008 precisely because I wanted to knit socks, and knit socks I have not done. So this is the year of the sock in my own little sock club. And maybe even the year I complete more than a few bigger things, because a girl can dream BIG right? *I'm resisting the urge to join every single "knit 12 sweater/12 pairs of socks/ 12 shawls/12 blah blah blahs" that comes my way because I want to join ALL OF THEM and have like 6 projects due every month to keep "on schedule". I'm such an over planner.

And this is the part where I tell you that these went super fast- WAY faster than knitting socks in the past. These were cast on December 11th in a fit of "I *must* cast on something that isn't a Christmas gift with a deadline", and in spite of being put aside to finish one shawl, two sweaters and two pairs of elf shoes, I was done on January 6th. (Although I thought the ribbing of the cuff would go on forever and I may have told Brian on far more than one occasion that his legs are ridiculously long. )

I'm going to attribute the quickness to:

A) the mass amount of knitting I did from October-December on Christmas gifts and how much my general speed increased due to that,


B) the fact that I made a lace scarf that was crazy hard for me finished in November and a lace shawl that had a TON of hours in it but I still finished in a tad over 3 weeks. After that just about everything seems possible.

*** Is it crazy that I'm secretly hoping to finish 12 pair this year, as in 1 pair per month? Totally a wild desire right now.


  1. Rock on with your bad self! The socks are killer! :)

  2. Thanks, Brandee- now lets see if I can manage a second pair!

  3. Knitting is such therapy for me. I hope you stick with it! Set firm times for yourself and what you enjoy. Are Brian's socks soft?

    I have a sweater being blocked on my ironing board today. I have to finish some reading before I begin my next project though....unfortunately. It is calling my name very loudly!

  4. I knit for therapy too, Marie. My husband and I joke that I would have gone crazy a long time ago if I didn't knit.

    The socks turned out wonderfully soft and really thick, which is just what he needed since he works outside all day. I think he actually needs another pair or two.

    I'm in the middle of a sweater for myself and I also cast on for a baby sweater for yet another nephew coming in May.


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