Monday, March 28, 2011


Perhaps this is the last snow for this year? Or maybe it's just wishful thinking...

We picked up a few books about North America at the library last week as part of our continent studies and we've been reading about The United States first.

So You Want to Be President? is a cute book that includes lots of little facts about the presidents (who was musical and who wasn't, how many presidents were named James, the pets presidents have had, etc.) and it's been a great introduction to the names of our former presidents. Next year we will study more about the presidents (specifically the first three or four) as we learn more about early American history.

We also read America as an introduction to some important concepts and symbols in America. We learned the words "constitution" and "democracy" and learned about the American flag.

Of course, we had to make our own:

We used oil pastels for these projects, which are fast becoming the boys' favorite drawing medium. They are still learning to keep their fingers/hands/arms off their drawing unless they *want* it to smudge, but the bold colors are so much more exciting than regular crayons! We also invested in some 9 x 12 paper a few months ago and we're loving the larger size! I'm considering ordering even larger sizes for next year since this bigger size has provided an opportunity for bigger and better art work. Maybe some 18 x 24?

Where are your studies taking you lately?

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  1. I can't help but think of adding Jefferson, the president who gardened on a serious level. This lead me to this site that might interest you:


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