Monday, May 2, 2011

Making Sunshine

Sometimes when the sky is gray and gloomy...

And life seems a little down...

You have to make your own sunshine

Knitting with yellow is like knitting strands of happiness.

Shur'tugal [Rav link]


  1. So much for socks!
    Enjoy your sunshine!

  2. Marie, Shur'tugal is a sock! You just can't tell yet. :) I have seriously wanted to start the Omelet shawl ever since I got the yarn, but I had to handwind the center pull balls and that took a bit of time with laceweight. I'm dreaming of a swift and ball winder for my birthday...

  3. I've been wanting a new winder for a few years now. I used to machine knit and had one for that but sold both the machine and winder when I had small children. I've been winding by hand using the back of a chair forever it seems.


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