Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yarn Along

Yarning along with Ginny, sharing a current knit and current read...

I was so sure that I'd have my Textured Tunic finished by this week, but I ended up taking the Omelet shawl with me on our little road trip across the state for a wedding over the weekend instead of the sweater. I did make great progress on the shawl, but I haven't done much on the sweater because of that. I did get a little time yesterday to get pretty close to finishing that second sleeve, but I need another hour or so to finish it.

And then comes the seaming.

I'm a seaming wimp, I have to admit. I can do it, but I seriously do just about anything to avoid seams. I'm trying not to do that this time around. It's only sleeves right? And then weaving ends and adding buttons.

I'm reading a few things right now (Naamah's Blessing and Patchwork Style) but I'm also back to my beloved mitten book. I started looking at mittens back in June but never actually got to them. This time I'm starting to think more seriously towards fall. The boys need a few pair each and I definitely need some... now to decide how much color work I'm actually interested in doing for little guys that may just lose their mittens as fast as I can knit them...


  1. your textured tunic looks great!

  2. I have never knit mittens before, but have been thinking about it too. This book sounds like it would be perfect for learning.
    Seams? Blah! xx

  3. Seaming was only one of my problems with the sweater that I frogged. I'm trying with another pattern in the round to hopefully lessen the seams. Do mittens have seams?

  4. I try to eliminate seams with circular knitting at all costs! Happy seaming :) Your sweater is beautiful.

  5. That sweater is a beauty!

  6. Your sweater is so close! And you can tackle that seaming no problem...guess I'd better get on those buttons.... ;)

  7. Oh goodness what a gorgeous sweater!

  8. That tunic is gorgeous! I have never seamed -not once. ;)
    Ang (peach coglo)

  9. I love the way your knitting project is holding onto the book. I hate seams because I was never taught how to do them properly and if I have to unpick them I end up damaging the knitting itself. I love the colour of your tunic and you seem to have a great library of knit books.


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