Monday, August 8, 2011

Mama Retreat

Back in June when I turned 30 my husband got me the most awesome present.

A full day and overnight to myself.

A little "Mama Retreat" if you will.

We talked last spring about how much Ezra wanted to go on his first tent camping trip and how much Ender was looking forward to camping again this year for a "just the boys" weekend. But planning and going on the actual trip got lost in the shuffle of life until this weekend.

It was a little last minute, but I helped them get packed and sent off as long as they promised to call and tell me how much fun they were having.

And then they had such a great time that they stayed a second night.

And me?

I spent my time on a two-part knitting mission:

1. Find great buttons for my two recently finished sweaters.

2. Get as far through my UFO basket as possible in 1 weekend.

In the basket:

Poet's Pullover (needs 1 1/2 sleeves)
Ender's Mittens (needs thumbs and 1 cuff)

Ezra's Mittens (in need of thumbs)

Tappan Zee** (need to finish sleeves that I wanted to add)

Ezra's winter hat (needs to be decreased and finished off)

Omelet shawl (most of the last chart)

The basket is a little emptier this morning, and I've declared this a week of Finished Objects. I resisted the urge to cast on something new even with 4 sweaters and several shawls worth of fresh yarn staring at me. That basket is going to get knocked down to zero before anything new gets going.

**Oh, Tappan Zee... I'm seriously considering ripping and re-knitting the whole project. It's a fast knit so time isn't necessarily the concern, but I started knittting it before I knew much about fit (and I'm still learning, but know so much more than I used to!) and it doesn't fit well. It's overall too big, but especially in the shoulders, which makes it look like it's swallowing me... So I'm thinking. If I rip I'll definitely reknit with that yarn and that pattern because both are fabulous- I just made a really poor sizing decision.

Operation Find Buttons was also a success- now to get them sewn on!

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  1. Sounds like you have been restored! Great getaway for you :)


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