Friday, August 26, 2011

On Hold

I think we've been home for about 5 seconds in the last 3 days. My mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital again on Monday, but all we knew that day was that it meant she would get the fluids she desperately needed and they would try to better figure out her pain issues.

We did not know that we would spend most of the last 48 hours in her hospital room or in the surgical waiting room. All is as well as it can be for now, but now we wait and see how the procedures from yesterday help in the next 72 hours. Thank goodness for the wonderful kindness of family and friends willing to hang with our kids and show them a great time.

We spent this morning at the hospital decorating the room to make it a little more home-like: hanging drawings from the boys, putting out a few important photos, and adding fresh flowers. She's going to be there for awhile, so we wanted to surround her with reminders of the people that love her and things that make her happy.

The boys and I are having a "normal" afternoon today. A little time to recover the house and the laundry, time to play and run, and a regular home cooked dinner. Maybe we will hope for a quiet weekend too?

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