Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yarn Along

Yarning Along with Ginny, sharing a current knit and the reads for this week....

First, thank you to the folks who emailed and commented Monday about my mother-in-law. Your prayers and kind thoughts are greatly appreciated right now. We were able to get her home on Saturday and she is set up with a wheelchair, an adjustable bed and now will have home healthcare every day to ease the burden, specifically on my father-in-law.

I know I said I wasn't casting on anything new last week, but with all the hours spent in the car back and forth to the hospital plus the actual time in the hospital I got to points on all my UFOs where I needed to focus- shaping, finishing, lace... and I just couldn't have that along with me during the last week. So I did cast on the Back-to-School U-Neck Vest, another by Stefanie Japel from the book Fitted Knits. This is my third knit from that book and I *love* how clear the directions are. I've made my way through the 2x2 rib and I'll be able to move on from that section tonight.

We're reading Charlotte's Web together right now in addition to quite a collection of books on pond life, superheroes and dinosaurs (totally not in the same book). I am reading Tim Gunn's Guide to Style because I have none. I mean, I know what I like, but that's totally not what I wear because I'm a mom and in my work life I work with kids. I need to be practical but also professional looking without looking like I'm trying too hard.

The thing is that I have a coordination problem- I just can't coordinating off the top of my head unless it's very obvious- all the same color, or black with a color, or white with a color. My "uniform" seems to be jeans and a nice black shirt. And my hair? I'm in ponytail land right now and I really don't want to be. I'm really not looking to be trendy all the time, but I do want to look nice. My goal is to decide what my basic go-to pieces should be and then build from there. I'm willing to make many pieces, but I'm not opposed to buying pieces if they will be backbones of my wardrobe.

I need help, y'all! How do you mix mommy-hood and style?


  1. It is such a challenge to have any style. I find that my uniform is shorts and a tshirt. I try to jazz it up a bit with accessories or cool shoes. Unfortunately at this point in my style life, I am a mom and need to be able to move freely and play. Good luck finding your style. I used to be quite fashionable and some days I really miss it.

  2. I'm not a mama, but I think to find your own style is so important to every woman, especially for mamas.
    Right now I can't imagine my life without skirts/dresses. I find this style very comfortable and feminine.

  3. I love Tim Gunn, must look out that book! I tend to stick with basics for clothes and use accessories for style - it's cheaper and easier to change! I may not be a mama, but I still like easy style!

  4. It's such a nice feeling to be moving on all those unfinished projects. And we read Charlotte's Web (again) this year and loved it (again). Such a beautiful book!

    I confess to having very little sense of personal style -- unless jeans, t-shirts, tie-dyed skirts, and Birkenstocks are considered a style. Something to work on, I suppose. But I work part-time from home, and so I'm not as conscious of needing a pulled-together professional wardrobe, I suppose.

  5. I use to be a jean girl, but now find I love dresses or skirts. I would love to find a new hair style that is easy to take care of. My hair is in a ponytail or a bun...very boring.xx

  6. Do what works for you. I'm not a mom (yet) but spend most of my time in jeans and they go with everything.

    Charlotte's Web! What a great book.

  7. I have like 5 polos that each go with at least a couple skirts (and obviously my jeans) and rotate around those. Still pretty dull but i feel a little nicer than just jeans and a tee. And tomorrow I'm getting my hair lopped off to get rid of my constant bun. Good luck!

  8. I'm sorry to hear that your family is going through a hard time.
    As for fashion, I spend almost all the time in skirts.
    They feel fun even when they're practical.

  9. Glad to hear that your mother in law will have the extra care. I always wear jeans, tee shirt and cardi. I tend to mix up the colors.

  10. New here and just read about your mother-in-law. I am very, very sorry! I lost my mother to cancer in January. You are all in my prayers.

    I have knit vests on my mind now that the weather is starting to turn. I will make one for each of my kiddos as soon as both of my current projects are done.

    As for style, that's a hard one. I have left my ponytail behind in favor for a high messy bun on most days. It seems a bit more in style right now, I think. I agree that mixing in some skirts and cardigans can help mix up the jeans and t-shirts. I also like to add scarves, when the weather allows that is!

  11. lovely vest! I might add that to my must make list! Thanks for sharing and happy knitting!!

  12. Your vest is fantastic! I am glad your mom is getting all set up and everything is going along better now!
    I know what you mean about coordination. It takes a lot of thought which is hard to do when kiddos are around. Love myself some Tim Gunn. Maybe I'll pick up that back too.
    Ang (peach coglo)

  13. sorry to hear about your mother in law. for what it is worth...i am a fashion imbecile too. i am a bun girl everyday cause i am just to lazy to dry my hair...and some days to even shower. lol


  14. Mommy hood and style go together? I think the biggest thing I do is wear "nice" clothes on "stay at home days" haha! I Love Tim Gunn... maybe I should pick that one up?

  15. Yo tampoco tengo un gran estilo. Paso con zapatillas, un chaleco y pantalones deportivos o jeans. Es realmente lo más cómodo en el trabajo de la casa y ser mamá.

    Greetings from Chile.

  16. Haha, my mom asked me how it felt to be back in non-maternity clothes the other day - I laughed and said they were the same yoga capris I've been wearing since June...My mommy style is yoga pants and a tee at home, jeans and a tee for going out. Not so thrilling...

  17. i love all your self photos in the mirror, you look sweet and fashionable too. for me sometimes just going for a trim made all the difference.

    love the color of your knitting and charlottes web was one of our all time favorites too!


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